Aveda Hair Staples

I was getting ready this morning and I was hit by the realization that I have been using two Aveda hair products for six years now – insane! The products are the Brilliant Damage Control spray and the Phomollient Styling Foam, which I was first introduced to through my hair salon. After six years, I think it’s about time I give these products a proper review.

Brilliant Damage Control: This is the spray I use on wet/damp hair as a heat protector. I spray it all over my hair, focusing on the ends, with the hopes of reducing damage to my hair. According to Aveda, it’s meant to protect your hair from thermal damage, reduce breakage from combing and protect against UV damage. Considering that I only get my hair cut once a year, I think it does quite a good job. I definitely don’t think that my hair is extremely damaged. It’s very lightweight, which is important because I have fine and oily hair. It smells quite herbal but I don’t find that the smell is overly pungent when sprayed on my hair.

Phomollient Styling Foam: I’m quite picky when it comes to styling products. My hair is so fine and gets oily so quickly that I can’t take anything too heavy or anything that will make my hair unmanageably oily by the end of the day. This foam is what I use to add some body and thickness to my hair. I apply a couple pumps of the foam throughout my whole head of hair, doing so more sparingly near the roots of my hair. Honestly, this doesn’t add a whole lot of volume, but it adds the right amount of volume that I need on a daily basis without making my hair greasy. The smell is definitely floral, it’s hard to describe, but it’s that quite strong Aveda floral scent (you kind of need to smell it yourself to get it). The strong scent does diminish when it’s applied to the hair but you’re still left with faint floral scent.

I’ve used these products for so long they will always have a place in my heart but I am always open to recommendation. What are your fav hair products?