Monthly Favourites - November 2014

November has definitely been a great month; I had my 23rd birthday, ran my first 5k, and bought A LOT of beauty products (although I seem to do that every month).

This November favourites is going to be a little bit of everything, some beauty, fashion and even a miscellaneous item to share with you all. Without further ado, here are my November favourites!

Sarah Chapman Skin Tone Perfecting Booster (roughly $100 CND): For over a year I have been scouring beauty counters for an effective product to combat the hyperpigmentation on my chin. Kiehl's, La Roche-Posay, Shiseido, Peter Thomas Roth...I've tried A TON of skin tone correcting products but this is the first one that has made a noticeable difference that sticks. The idea of the Boosters is that they are concentrated serums that "boost" your regular skincare regime to more effectively combat a certain skincare issue. I mix this in with my moisturizer or apply it before I use my moisturizer twice a day. After only a week or so I could see the difference and unlike a lot of other products I have tried, the result seems to be permanent. A lot of other products made a different immediately after I applied them but by the end of the day my skin seemed to be just as pigmented as before and after months of use, my chin looked exactly the same (not worse or better, but the same). This is definitely a pricey product and it took a while to get one to Canada, but I've tried similar products at both higher and lower price points and this is by far the most effective for my skin. It really has reduced the hyperpigmentation on my chin, doesn't dry out my skin or make it too oily, and it can be used under makeup with no problems.

Batiste Dry Shampoo ($9 for 200ml): I bought one of these when I was in Montreal and I forgot my Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray at home, needless to day I was in dire need of some dry shampoo. I actually really like this one; it's a lot lighter in texture than the Oribe spray, which makes the Batiste Dry Shampoo quite nice for my fine hair. The one down side is that it does leave a bit of a white residue, but it’s not terrible. I think this is definitely up there as one of my fav dry shampoos and a great, less expensive alternative to the Oribe spray. Honestly, on certain days I actually prefer this to the Oribe (shock!).

Maje Geddy Striped Bomber Jacket ($515): I got this jacket in October but I was absolutely obsessed with it in November. It’s a great, black and navy striped bomber jacket that surprisingly, is quite warm. I was waiting for Hudson’s Bay to get this bomber jacket in and basically the day it arrived, I had to buy it. It’s the perfect combination of casual but put together and I love that the stripes make it a bit more interesting. I usually wore this with my big All Saints scarf, a pair of jeans and a white or black sweater (or you can see how I styled it on Instagram). If you can still get your hands on this, I highly recommend dishing out the dough and getting it – it’s just amazing.

Chuck: Firstly, I love TV and I have definitely been a TV addict from a young age. That being said, if you have not watched Chuck, get on Netflix and do it now. Starring Zachary Levi and created by Josh Schwartz (yeah, that’s right, the one who created The O.C.), Chuck is a TV show about a guy who works at a electronics store fixing phones and computers, and somehow ends up working for the CIA. I don’t want to give anything away and that’s not a particularly interesting way to describe the show but it’s funny and witty, with a good amount of action and romance, and great music (a little Cake anyone?). Besides the fact that it's a great show, everyone out there who loved Seth Cohen definitely needs to watch this. My boyfriend and I are on our second round of watching the series (he has actually watched it all like five times now) and both of us can’t get enough.

What did you love in November?