Benefit Speed Brow

Eyebrows are probably the most finicky part of a beauty routine. Over plucking, under plucking, over filling, under filling - it can all be a little overwhelming. I have to say that I have been very lucky in the brow department. I have big, brown brows that have a decent natural shape and not too many stray hairs. My only regular maintenance is getting my eyebrows threaded every 3 months or so and that’s about it, no daily filling in or plucking.

That being said, I’ve noticed that my left brow has started to look a little sparser on the far right side– most likely from my relatively new glasses resting on my brow. I’ve read a lot about brow products and I use them occasionally (Anastasia Brow Wiz included) but when I saw the Benefit Speed Brow gel ($22 at Sephora) I found my perfect match. Filling in by brows with powder or a pencil worked but I just wanted something a little lighter to just beef up my left brow in that small spot.

The Benefit Speed Brow definitely makes my brows look fuller, more tame and uniform. Speed Brow is a tinted brow gel that comes in one light brown shade that’s meant to be universal. I was slightly concerned that the colour wouldn’t show up on my dark brows but it did add fullness to my slightly bare spot. (I don’t have lighter brows so if you’re in that category I suggest trying it out in a Sephora before purchasing).

The area that I’m most concerned about isn’t completely bare; it’s just a little sparser than the rest of my brow. With a few swipes across my eyebrows they both look well maintained with no stray hairs and even fullness. If you have an almost completely bare eyebrow situation I would definitely recommend using a powder first, I don’t think Speed Brow alone will do the job.

My one word of caution for this product is to only use a little. I usually wipe some of the product off of the small wand before I lightly apply the product over my eyebrows. If you use too much it can look like there is some kind of clear gunk on your brows (honestly, it looks like mucus). When lightly applied it sets them for several hours but on days when I’m wearing my glasses or sunglasses for most of the day the gel tends to fade away a little bit faster.

This is a great product that instantly makes my brows look cleaned up and even. Any of you with minor brow issues like me, give this quick and easy remedy a try! What do you use to tame your brows? Feel free to leave any recommendations in the comments below.