Tanya Burr Lip Glosses

If you read my Best Products of 2014 Part 2 post, you know that I love the Tanya Burr Lip Glosses. Even though I have mentioned these before, I thought they deserved their own post. I know a lot of bloggers who are friends with Tanya talk about these lip glosses but I don’t know her at all and this is a totally unbiased love for her products.

In the past, I almost never wore lip glosses. I think it was because I never thought I could get a significant amount of colour payoff and I thought it was impossible for me to wear a gloss without my hair getting stuck on my lips. The Tanya Burr glosses really brought be back on the lip gloss train.

I got two of the original shades when they were first released, Picnic in the Park and Afternoon Tea. I really like the formula of these, they are quite thick and pigmented but still comfortable on the lips. The only issue I have is that the shades aren’t particularly flattering for me – Picnic in the Park just isn’t the right pink (I know it’s a very popular one) and Afternoon Tea is just too nude. I was kind of bummed because I love the formula the glosses but the colours just aren’t my steeze. When the new shades came out I was absolutely ecstatic and I bought three fantastic colours!

                               (Left to Right) Enchanted Forest, Aphrodite, Sparkling Dewdrops

Eight shades were released back in November but the ones that really caught my eye were Enchanted Forest (a deep berry), Aphrodite (a great coral red) and Sparkling Dewdrops (a peachy pink). These colours are great, just as pigmented as the originals and super comfortable. They don’t cling to any dry bits on my lips but they are a bit sticky. That being said, these glosses are 100x better than most in terms of stickiness factor. They also smell sweet, like candies, which makes them particularly appealing. I find myself actually reaching for these over my lipsticks quite often (shocking!).

All in all, these are great and definitely worth a try - my favourite glosses for sure.