Mulberry Cara Delevingne Bag

So this weekend I made a gorgeous but incredibly expensive purchase, I bought the amazing Mulberry Cara Delevingne Bag. I think it’s worth saying that I’m not trying to brag about my new or anything but if I’m going to spend this much money on a bag, then I’m going to talk about it.

To give you a little history, I have been drooling over this bag since I first saw it; it was absolutely love at first sight. I was in the market for a great leather backpack and I also hadn’t bought a new bag for at least six years, so I was getting pretty tired on my current bag collection.

In my mind, this is the perfect bag. I can wear it as a backpack for a more casual look when I’m shopping around the city but because the backpack straps are removable, I can also carry it like a normal handbag for more formal affairs. The versatility of this bag is really what hooked me.

I went with Taupe because I don’t have anything in a similar colour and I think it’s a great transitional winter to spring colour. Also, I basically carry black bags exclusively so I thought it would be good to branch out a bit. The leather is lamb skin, which is insanely soft (I just can’t stop touching it). There are also some great details on this bag, including the made in England stamp on the bottom of the bag, the heart shaped patch and the lion on the inside of the bag – Cara’s personal touches.

Needless to say I absolutely adore this bag and for me, it’s worth every penny.

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