Lipstick Queen Liquid Assets

I have wanted to try some Lipstick Queen products for ages but they are impossible to find in Canada! Since I made a few orders last month, I couldn’t help but get this set of three Lipstick Queen Liquid Assets – especially because the set was on sale (win!).

These are liquid lipsticks that have a brush applicator and you twist the bottom to get the product out. The set comes with three colours, Red (a deep red), Fuchsia (a bright purple/pink) and Blush (a peachy nude).

The first thing I have to say about these is that the colours are great and incredibly pigmented. They also apply really evenly on the lips with very little product needed.

They smell of mint, which I find quite nice, and definitely feel comfortable on the lips. I’m always concerned about ‘liquid lipstick’ formulas sticking to any dry bits on my lips and feeling really uncomfortable, but that’s definitely not a concern with these - they’re actually very comfortable to wear.

That being said, I wouldn’t reach for one of these Liquid Assets if I was going to be out for the whole day and/or having a meal. The colour does last for a few hours but I find that they really can’t take too much aggravation or movement. Additionally, I found that the colour gets a bit patchy when it starts to fade; I prefer lip colours that fade as evenly as possible.

Although these probably won’t be my first choice for lip colours I am definitely interested in trying some other Lipstick Queen products because the pigmentation is awesome.

Have you tried these? What Lipstick Queen products have you tried?