My Juice Cleanse Experience

I love food, I REALLY love food. I don’t think my diet is that bad but I’m definitely not one the shy away from a slice of pizza. That being said, this weekend I did a 1 day cleanse and I’ve been dying to share my experience!

This whole thing started a few months ago when I started going to Green House Juice Co. for a morning juice. I was drinking way too much coffee in the AM so I wanted to find a healthy replacement. I love the juices from Green House, they’re really smooth, well balanced and taste amazing – I think it turned into a little addiction!

After a few months of regularly introducing Green House juices into my diet I started thinking about doing a cleanse, I really just wanted to press the reset button and give my digestive system a break – especially with the drinks/dinners that came with my recent job. Trust me, with only 1 day I wasn’t expecting miracles, but I also didn’t want to invest in something I wasn’t ready for.

I have to say that my cleanse didn’t get off to a great start. The Green House Standard Cleanse is $69 and can delivered right to your door. When I asked someone at the store, she told me that I should order my cleanse for the same day I plan to start so the juice is as fresh as possible. My cleanse was supposed to arrive between 8:30am and 12:30pm, I was anticipating starting a bit late in case it arrived closer to 12:30pm but I wasn’t too concerned. Unfortunately, the cleanse didn’t arrive until 3:00pm, leaving me “hangry” for the whole morning/afternoon and throwing off my cleanse schedule. Tip #1 – don’t get your cleanse delivered, go to the store and pick it up.

Eventually I started my cleanse and things were going well. The cleanse has three 500ml Juices, two 500 ml Waters, one 500ml Milk and 2 Boosters. It starts with the Clean-Zing water (Alkaline Water, Lemon, Maple Syrup, Liquid Cayenne) that you drink when you first wake up. I do drink this in the morning quite regularly, it’s a sour/spicy drink that’s supposed to wake up your metabolism.

Next is my personal favourite juice, East of Eden (Romaine, Kale, Celery, Apple, Lemon). This is a sweeter juice that’s simply delicious. At this point, I’m still going strong and not hungry at all.

The one thing I really didn’t like is the E3 Live Booster (Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae, Alkaline Water); a small concentrated “shot” of sorts that’s supposed to be mood balancing and boost mental energy. I really didn’t like the taste of this, the dark green liquid kind of tastes like fish that was left out for a bit too long (not particularly appetizing).

At around lunchtime I cracked open the Almond Milk (Almonds, Alkaline Water, Vanilla Bean, Dates, Coconut). I’m not a huge fan of milky drinks, probably because I stopped drinking milk when my parents took my bottle away, but I didn’t mind this - it taste like melted vanilla ice cream. So far so good hunger wise; I didn’t feel like I had a huge amount of energy but not too bad.

Next was The Good (Romaine, Spinach, Cucumber, Celery, Lemon, Himalayan Salt). This definitely tastes more “green” than East of Eden but I do really like this one, the tart/salty-ness of the juice is really appealing. At this point, I started getting a headache and had to lie down. I was still doing ok but definitely started going down hill a bit.

Then I had the Raw Aloe Booster. Again, something I try to have regularly because I find that it really helps my skin when I’m having a spotty moment. I love that this is included in the cleanse because I did read that some people broke out when they cleansed (good thinking Green House!).

Nearing 6:30pm I had the Deep Roots juice (Beet, Carrot, Apple, Celery, Lemon). This is another tasty one that’s quite sweet and particularly smooth. This is probably the juice I would recommend if you are new to cold-pressed juices, but now I really wanted food. In the interest of total honesty, I did say that I would cut of my arm for a slice of pizza (drastic, I know, but cravings are strong). My headache did continue as well – I wasn’t feeling the best.

The last juice was more than necessary. The Chia Seed Hydrator (Alkaline Water, Chia Seeds, Lemon, Maple Syrup) is great because you can actually chew the seeds, which feels amazing after a whole day of just drinking.

The next day I felt good, my stomach didn’t hurt like it does most morning, but you definitely need to take it easy reintroducing food, and make sure you have a bathroom near by (if you know what I mean).

Overall, I think this cleanse constructed really well and I would recommend the cleanse for those of you who are interested. I think my stomach/digestive issues really have improved and I found that I was visibly less bloated. Would I do it again? Personally, I think for the most part I’m going to stick to including Green House juices into my regular diet instead of cleansing because the headaches were quite unpleasant, but I think that also has something to say about how I’m eating and my caffeine dependency.

What’s your opinion on juice cleanses?