CHANEL - Entrelacs Eyeshadow Palette

I’m actually rather late to the party on this one; I’m usually all over a new CHANEL palette. Regardless, I’m still incredibly excited to talk about the CHANEL Entrelacs Palette ($75) - I just can’t keep my hands off of it!

Just by the picture, I know some of you are probably wondering if a neutral palette is really worth $75. Personally, neutral palettes are the ones that I use most often so they’re the ones that really need to be solid. Even if I’m doing a more dramatic and colourful eye, I still go to a nude palette for base colours, colours to work into the crease or highlighting under the brow bone and in the inner corner.

This particular palette is also one of the limited edition CHANEL palettes. If you’re a total beauty fanatic like I am, having this goes far beyond daily use. It also becomes a keepsake (I know, I’m obsessed).

All that goes to say that I totally love this palette. The texture of the shadows is just incredibly smooth, with an almost velvet-like texture. All the colours are also very complementary to each other. One thing that I think CHANEL really excels in is creating the perfect combination or colours in their palettes. All the shades work together perfectly, which allows you to easy switch between a soft, nude look to a dramatic, smokey look using this palette alone.

The cream (far left) and light rose (far right) have a satin finish. The golden brown (middle) shade has a light shimmer. The remaining two shades, the light taupe and deep black/brown, are more matte, with the deep black/brown shade having the lightest touch of shimmer in the palette is but quite matte when applied. All of them have great pigmentation and they never crease on me throughout the day.

I usually use the rose shade all over my lid, blending in the taupe starting from the outer corner of the eye. Then I use a combination of the golden brown and black/brown shades in the crease (depending on how smokey or dramatic I want my eyes to look), finishing with the cream shade in the inner corner and/or on the brow bone.

If you’re drooling over this palette (like I do…still) you need to act fast, I know it’s already sold out in a few places in Toronto.