NUDESTIX & Love Is Louder

Makeup and beauty is incredibly fun. There’s an excitement to playing around with different products, allowing you harness your creativity. That being said, it is incredibly special when a brand goes above and beyond products to start a conversation about important social issues.

NUDESTIX (one of my absolute favourite beauty brands) has partnered with Love Is Louder, a project that is part of The Jed Foundation created to support anyone feeling misunderstood, alone or mistreated. This movement, created with actress Brittany Snow, emphasizes that love and support is louder than the voices that bring us down.

When I attended the media brunch with NUDESTIX last month, the team revealed their personal connection to the cause through their experiences with depression and bullying, both unfortunate circumstances that plague so many of us. This is a very personal initiative for the NUDESTIX team and something I am honoured to support.

Throughout the year, $5 from the sale of the NUDESTIX Lip + Cheek Pencils in Love and Kiss ($28) will be donated to Love Is Louder. Additionally, in support of Mental Health Awareness Month in May, NUDESTIX has created a Love Is Louder social media movement. Until May 16th, NUDESTIX will donate $1 to Love Is Louder with every photo or video posted to social media. To join the campaign, do the following:


On Facebook and Instagram

1.    POST a picture or video with “Love Is Louder” written on your palm

2.    Caption 'Love is louder than ______ ' (any struggle or internal voice that has brought YOU down)

3.    Tag and thank someone who has helped show you that #LoveIsLouder

On Twitter

1.     Post your #loveislouder pic and tag @nudestix


It is incredibly unfortunate that depression, loneliness, bullying and negative self-image are such prevalent issues. This growing negativity calls for us to change the conversation, be more positive and support one another. Now get to your social media, post your #LoveIsLouder photos/videos and support a great cause!