New Mascaras – Charlotte Tilbury & Smashbox

Over the past month or so I’ve been testing two mascaras – the Legendary Lashes Mascara from Charlotte Tilbury ($38) and the Smashbox Indecent Exposure Mascara ($25). I’m usually not a mascara girl but I recently started the hunt for the best of the best. We all want mascara to work miracles on our lashes – extend, define, add volume – and I’m taking on the challenge to find the mascara that does that perfect job.

When I think of Charlotte Tilbury I think of perfectly sexy eyes and this mascara is definitely an extension of that look. It is described as a “miracle” that will give you 13x more volume and extend out lashes like a piece of elastic. I have to say that this mascara gives me the most voluminous lashes I have ever had, right from the root. The wand looks a little clumpy and I initially thought that my lashes were going to instantly stick together, but you can actually get decent definition and a good amount of length. When I use this it looks like I have twice as many lashes as I do and holds a curl all day and night. The only thing I would caution is that this mascara gets a bit smudgey when I only have a cream eyeshadow on (but I have very oily eyelids), no issues if I lightly powder overtop or use powder shadow a alone. This is definitely a more dramatic mascara but it doesn’t look out of control, I would even recommend that natural mascara lovers try this out as well because it's just a stunning result.

I had never used a Smashbox mascara before but I was incredibly excited to try this out. This claims to perfectly define and lengthen while coating every single lash. The Indecent Exposure Mascara is definitely the most lengthening mascara I have ever tried, my lashes look two to three times longer. The small brush makes it very easy to get in between every individual lash, and bottom lashes as well, without any smudging. In terms of volume, it’s significantly less impactful than the Charlotte Tilbury, a more natural look. I did find that this mascara started to to flake off around the 4-5 hour mark but it still maintains the length. If you want crazy long lashes and you won’t be out all day, this is a mascara to check out.

What’s your go-to mascara? Have you tried either of these?