Lancôme – Juicy Shakers

The second I saw the Queen Lisa Eldridge introduce the new Lancôme Juicy Shakers ($28) in a YouTube video months ago, I knew I was going to love these.

The first makeup products I ever used were the old school Lancôme Juicy Tubes (remember those?). For those of you who aren’t familiar, these were thick sheer lip glosses in both light and vibrant colours, packaged in clear tubes (similar in shape to something like the Carmex tubes). Juicy Tubes were so sticky that it was absolutely impossible to not get your hair or anything else stuck on your lips but at the young age of eight, right into high school, there was always a special place in my heart for these glosses.

Fast forward to 2016 and the Juicy name has had a serious upgrade. Packaged in a mini martini shaker, this is dual-phased lip oil that leaves soft juicy lips with a sheer wash of colour and delectable scents. The first phase is a combination of oils that hydrate, nourish and soothe your lips, and adds a healthy shine, without being sticky. The second phase is the pigment that leaves a sheet tint on the lips.

When you shake the Juicy Shaker, the oil and pigment combine into one unified mixture. Twist off the top to reveal a pointed soft cushion, soaked with product, that you tap onto the lips.

I have the shade Cherry Symphony, a lovely red colour that smells exactly like cherry Jolly Rancher candies. All of the shades are named after and smell like delicious foods (Apri-Cute, Meli Melon, Mangoes Wilde, etc.). If you don’t like scented products then this may not be the product for you but I find this fantastically addictive. When I use the Juicy Shaker I can’t stop reapplying – I can’t get enough of that delicious cherry flavour!

As expected, this is quite a sheer product that does not have the longest staying power. It does leave a light stain on the lips but nothing particularly long lasting. That being said, I think the Juicy Shakers trump most if not all lip glosses and lip balms. They provide just as much shine as a lip gloss and hydrate the lips as much as a lip balm without feeling heavy or sticky on the lips, and it’s a lot more fun. Definitely one of my favourite lip products right now, I love that cherry scent and the adorable packaging.

Have you tried the Juicy Shakers? What do you think?