Urban Decay – Vice Lipsticks

When a beauty brand announces that they are launching 100 new and reformulated lipstick shades – makeup lovers from around the globe perk up and come to attention. With so many colours to choose from in six different formulas, I had to get my hands on the Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks ($21) the second I could.

Left to right: Sheer Rapture, Seismic, Amulet, Liar, Hitch Hike, Alpha

I bought one lipstick in each formula: Sheer Rapture (a rose in the Sheer formula); Seismic (a purple with red shimmer in the Sheer Shimmer formula); Amulet (a deep browny-red in the Metallic formula); Liar (a warm nude in the Cream formula); Hitch Hike (a brick colour in the Comfort Matte formula); Alpha (a bright fuchsia in the Mega Matte formula).

If you follow me on Twitter and/or Instagram, you saw that I have spent the past two weeks in Italy. These were the only lip products I brought on my trip, alternating day-by-day in the 40-degree weather in Rome to the single digit temperatures in the mountains of Abruzzo.

Overall, the Cream formula is my favourite. It’s just as comfortable to wear as the Sheer formula but with more lasting power and a more opaque finish (the swatch above is only one swipe). Liar is a really great nude Cream that’s not too light if you're looking for a nude that doesn't wash you out. The Comfort Matte formula leaves, as the name suggests, a more matte finish that is equally as comfortable and pigmented as the Cream but I would prefer if it had a bit more lasting power, especially for the darker shade I picked up (Hitch Hike – really great if you kind of want to try the brown lip trend but you don’t want to commit to a true brown). Mega Matte is the most long lasting and matte formula but I find that it feels thick on the lips. Alpha Mega Mattte lipstick is a remarkably bright, gorgeous pink shade that really pops. That being said, watch out if you’re eating/drinking because I found that there is some transfer.

On the sheerer end of the spectrum, the Sheer, Sheer Shimmer and Metallic formulas are all very smooth and apply very evenly. Don't let the "sheer" name foul you, these are quite pigmented and can be built up to a far more opaque finish with a shine (two swipes each on the swatch image above). They don’t last quite as long as the Cream, Comfort Matte or Mega Matte formulas but still great choices for a glossier/lighter wash of colour. Seismic is a very interesting shade that I recommend checking out if you want a bit of sparkle – it’s not completely overpowering but you can still see the shimmer on the lips. I think the Metallic formula in Amulet is quite aging on me but it does make for an interesting look as it picks up a lot of shine as your lips hit the light/sun.

Packaging wise, these lipsticks look very sleek and quite edgy. Thank you Urban Decay for making the sticker at the bottom of the lipsticks in the colour of the actual product – very helpful for quickly finding the shade you’re looking for from your collection.

With so many shades to choose from, I highly recommend heading to a Sephora and having a swatch party because there are some really cool shades and formulas to choose from.

Have you tried the new Urban Decay lipsticks? What did you think?