Frank Body – Sweet Cheeks Kit

If you live for the #beauty #skincare hastags on Instagram, then you have definitely seen Franks Body products – before/after photos of various skin concerns and coffee-based body scrub all over beautiful people. Feeling more and more tempted by all the Instagram love, I purchased the Frank Body Sweet Cheeks Kit ($49.95) on the website a few months ago, which contains the full range of face products (Creamy Face Cleanser, Creamy Face Scrub & Everyday Moisturiser).

Made in Australia, the full Frank Body collection is coffee-based skincare, which started with a classic body scrub. This key ingredient is supposed to be an effective natural exfoliator that encourages skin rejuvenation, stimulates blood flow, is full of antioxidants that target free radicals, and has the same PH as your skin – so it won’t leave you feeling dry or oily. All the products are paraben, PEGS and phthalate free, and don’t include any suphates, silicones, mineral oils, glycols, DEA or TEA.

Coffee in skincare is said to assist with a variety of different concerns including inflammation, redness, cellulite, eczema, psoriasis and stretch marks. I purchased the face products to see if they could improve/prevent blemishes and reduce some hyperpigmentation on my right cheek. Over the past few months, I can say that my skin has been significantly clearer and my hyperpigmentation has been significantly reduced, almost completely gone, since starting this kit. I still get the occasional blemish but I have gotten a lot less and when I do have an active pimple, my skin has been clearing up a lot quicker – just 3 days or so. The addition of these products are the only changes I made to my regular skincare routine during this time.

The Creamy Face Cleanser ($19.95 on its own) is a smooth gel cleanser that is grey in colour due to the charcoal in the formula to target conditions like acne, dryness and fine lines. This cleanser also contains green coffee bean extracts, marshmallow root & echinacea extract, and coconut, grape seed & almond oils that target blemishes with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial ingredients, while still keeping skin balanced. I really like this cleanser, which I was expecting because I have had success with charcoal in my previous cleansers. I really feel like I’ve thoroughly cleansed after using this but my skin doesn’t feel tight at all. It does recommend that you use this morning and night but I only use this at night as a second cleanse and I still use Cetaphil for my morning cleanse. It doesn’t foam up at all, it just starts to thin out and I remove the product with a damp face cloth.

The Creamy Face Scrub ($19.95 on its own) is a more gentle version of the classic Frank Body original coffee scrub, which can actually be used on your face as well but would be more suited to drier, non-sensitive skin. I know some people have mixed thoughts about mechanical exfoliators, personally I like a physical scrub every once and a while, I find that it really helps even to out my skin texture. In addition to ground robusta coffee (a more bitter & acidic type of coffee - often used for instant coffee), this product contains white clay (an ingredient that always works well on my skin for detoxifying and soothing irritation), rosehip oil and coconut, grape seed & almond oils. I lightly wet my face and about a dime-sized amount onto my face. Then I leave this scrub on my skin for three minutes or so and wash it off. I have used this when I had a few active blemishes and I didn't find that it did any damage, my skin just feels very soothed and soft after using this scrub. It also helps to bring out any white heads that are waiting under the surface so topical products can reach them. After about three weeks to a month of use, I could start to see a reduction in the severe colour of the pigmentation. Now (four months in) it is almost entirely gone.

Lastly, I have been using the Everyday Moisturiser ($21.95 on it own). Honestly, I’m not too picky with moisturizers; they just need to hydrate my skin without breaking me out or lifting under my foundation. I do really like this formula though, it’s a very light cream that’s not too heavy for summer and sits beautifully under makeup. It contains green coffee bean extracts, cocoa & shea butters, vitamin e, and coconut grape seed & almond oils to restore and hydrate the skin, while still having those anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. This doesn’t leave a matte finish but it doesn’t make my oily skin look overly greasy either, a very solid moisturizer.

All of the products smell like coffee, so if you aren’t into scents that may bother you. As my first time trying coffee-based skincare products, they seem to be very effective for my skin by keeping blemishes at bay, calming irritation and clearing my hyperpigmentation. At the $49.95 price point with free shipping (to Canada), I think this kit is definitely worth a try.