Jo Malone – Black Cedarwood & Juniper Cologne

You know you love a fragrance brand when you bring two 100ml bottles back from Italy – even though you can get them at home. When I saw that a brand new Jo Malone store opened in Florence, Italy while I was there in June, I just couldn’t stop myself from buying a couple fragrances (in my defense, they were a bit cheaper than the Canadian prices).

The scent that I have been wearing since I returned from my trip is Black Cedarwood & Juniper ($155 for 100ml or $80 for 30ml). Situated in the Woody family of scents, as is Wood Sage & Sea Salt, this is quite a sultry fragrance. It was originally released with as part of the London Rain collection in 2014 and its scent definitely lives up to the collection's name.

The cumin in its composition gives it a distinct warmth and the cedarwood is very reminiscent of a wet cityscape - the smell of a thunderstorm. To balance out these two fairly dark and heavy notes, the juniper cuts right through and adds a great freshness.

As is the case with all Jo Malone colognes, in my opinion, this is a perfectly balance fragrance and is also quite unisex. I would say that it’s more of a Fall scent but I’ve still been wearing it throughout the summer.

Do you like Jo Malone fragrances? What are your favourites?