My Boyfriend’s Skincare Routine

So my boyfriend (Jonathan) has been asking me to write this blog post for ages. His skin is more on the dry side and mine is more on the oily side so I started passing on skincare that wasn’t quite right for my skin type onto him. In doing so, I have created a bit of a skincare addict. Here is everything he loves using at the moment – hopefully it’s helpful for some of the men out there!

Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash ($25 for 250ml): Jonathan likes his face to feel squeaky clean in the morning, so he opts for a gel cleanser. The menthol in the formula leaves a cooling feeling on the skin, which he really loves in the morning. This is a product that is better suited to a more oily skin type (a more common skin type for men) but Jonathan doesn’t find that it completely strips his drier skin. He’s been using this for ages and it's been a product that he always comes back to - particularly in the summer months.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Gentle Facial Wash ($20): Jonathan’s a huge fan of the Vitamin E range from The Body Shop. He uses the Gentle Face Wash as his night time cleanser because he likes that it leaves his skin quite hydrated and calm after he rinses this off, as can be expected with the vitamin E and wheatgerm oil in the formula. Although the texture is still quite light, it's a bit creamer and doesn't foam up as much as the Kiehl's cleanser he uses.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream ($22): Also in the Vitamin E range, Jonathan uses this moisturizer morning and night on most days. He’s had a few issues with some particularly dry and irritated patches on his face and this helps to calm everything down and comfort the skin. I would say this moisturizer has a medium thickness – I wouldn’t say it’s particularly light but it’s not overly dense either. I do kind of wish it came in a squeezable tube, but the packaging doesn’t seem to bother him at all (even the pink colour scheme).

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream ($34 for ml or $59 for 125ml): Back to Kiehl’s again, this is one of those cult products that I always pass on to Jonathan – I’m constantly getting samples of it when I shop at Kiehl's. The Ultra Facial Cream is a thicker moisturizer that Jonathan uses when he’s particularly dry, more so in the winter. Formulated with squalane and various plant extracts, this moisturizer really helps with instantly hydrating the skin for an extended period of time.

Kiehl’s Eye Alert ($33): Just like the Energizing Face Wash, Eye Alert is a cooling and soothing gel product that Jonathan cannot live without. The caffine and cucumber extracts really help to depuff and sooth the eye area. Even though the cooling aspect makes this a particularly great product for mornings, Jonathan also uses it night. I’ve actually swiped some of this before and it does instantly cool and wake up your eyes – good for days when you haven’t had a lot of sleep.

Cutthroat Shaving Company Brilliantine 1904 Beard Balm ($22): As you might expect from this heading, Jonathan has a beard. He has tried numerous different products and he has forever landed on the Cutthroat Shaving Company Beard Balm. One of the main reasons he loves this product is because it not only nourishing his beard, but it also hydrates the skin underneath. He feels like beard oils sit ontoo of his beard and don’t provide any benefits to his skin. The chia seed and nut oils in the formula really nourish the hairs, keeping his beard smooth and healthy, while also keeping is skin thoroughly hydrated. It also has a very light scent of patchouli, clove leaf tangerine and bamboo. Jonathan is very sensitive to fragrances but this doesn’t irritate him at all. If you have a beard or you know someone with a beard I definitely recommend checking out this great Canadian brand.