Desperate For Big Hair

Desperate For Big Hair

As a girl with long and thin hair, I am always on the hunt for volumizing and thickening hair products. Unfortunately, I have extremely greasy roots, but I have made it my mission to find products that add the best oomph to my hair. Both of these products add fullness and thickness to my hair on different days of the week.

The Bumble and Bumble Thickening Dryspun Finish spray ($37.00 for 4 oz at Sephora) is what I use when I’ve just washed and blow-dried my hair, but it’s lacking some volume. Maybe I’m a bit of a volume addict because I can never get enough! I flip my head upside down, apply a few sprays of this throughout my hair (primarily on my roots), tousle my hair around for a minute or so, and then I have bigger, thicker and more voluminous hair. I find that this spray can make my hair a bit greasy if I get too heavy handed with it, I definitely have to be conscious to only apply a few light sprays. That being said, when applied correctly, it adds great body to my hair and doesn’t make it overly greasy the next day. This is definitely not my second day hair product. I have tried using it as a kind of dry shampoo replacement, but it just seemed to make my roots look even greasier. I use this exclusively on clean hair that just needs a little lift.

When I'm not washing my hair (I wash my hair every other day), but my roots look quite greasy, I use the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray ($22 for 2.2 oz/$44 for 8.5 oz at Holt Renfrew). I apply this the same way I apply the Bumble and Bumble spray, except I usually only apply this on my roots. Not only does it add the most amazing volume that I have ever seen, it really does seem to absorb the oil at my roots (I was floored). I have used this on freshly cleaned hair (it works great) but honestly; I find it a bit of a waste on clean hair. Adding volume to clean hair is far less of a hassle than adding volume to dirty hair and the real thing that makes this product a star for me is its ability to absorb oil on my dirty hair, not really a concern on freshly washed hair. I know there has been a lot of hype about this product but just believe it, it is amazing.

Those are the two products that I’m using to give my hair the fullness and body that I always long for. No more flat blow-dries and no more greasy roots (finally)!!