No Longer A MAC Virgin

I know it’s extremely bizarre but up until a few weeks ago I had NEVER owned a single MAC product (yes I am ashamed). Despite the fact that MAC is a staple for beauty lovers across the globe, I never seemed to make my way inside a store…until now!

I did do my research before I went. After reading many blogs and watching countless videos on YouTube from my favourite beauty bloggers/vloggers, I knew I wanted to get some lipsticks and I felt like I was stocked with enough information to walk in there like a pro. Despite my confidence, I ended up spending WAY too long just staring at the consoles of rows upon rows of lipsticks in every formulation imaginable - it was time for some help.

After asking a lovely MAC sales associate for recommendations and trying on a few lipsticks, I left the store with a Retro Matte Lipstick in Relentlessly Red with a Pro Longwear Lip Pencil in Dynamo, a Creamsheen Lipstick in Crème Cup (a classic) and a Prep + Prime Lip.

I definitely love Relentlessly Red. The bright pinky, coral red adds the perfect pop of colour to a summer night look. More remarkably, it has the longest lasting power of any lipstick I have ever tried. After I applied it in the store I took the 45-minute walk home, and grabbed dinner and drinks at my new favorite BBQ restaurant, Smoque N' Bones (absolutely delicious but definitely not lipstick-friendly food). When I got home, several hours later, it was still on my lips (gasp)! You definitely need to make sure that your lips are quite smooth before applying this formulation of lipstick, it’s quite drying, but it also looks great with a gloss or balm on top for a sheerer look. I usually don’t wear lip liners but I find that wearing Relentlessly Red without a lip liner makes my lips look too feathered. I definitely prefer to define my lips by lining them with Dynamo.

Despite the fact that I love the lasting power of the Retro Matte formula, I prefer the Creamsheen formulation for my daily lipstick needs. Crème Cup is a classic MAC shade that has been talked about for ages. It’s light pink with a blue undertone and has a creamy consistency on the lips. This lipstick has a sheer finish but can be built up to be quite opaque. Crème Cup is just an easy, everyday colour and formulation, perfect when you’re in a rush to get out the door in the morning. Although it has a creamy texture, I would still recommend using a primer, balm, or lip scrub before applying this lipstick formulation if you have particularly dry lips. I also think it’s important to try lipsticks on your lips before you purchase the full product (especially nude lipsticks); I anticipate that Crème Cup may wash some people out.

I have also really been enjoying the Prep + Prime lip primer. I had never tried a lip primer before but it really makes my lipsticks far more pleasant to wear. My lips are generally quite dry so I’ve been applying this before most of my lipsticks to make my lips look smoother but not overly shiny or glossy. I also love that when I apply this under my lipsticks it doesn’t leave any gloopy residue on the tube, if you also suffer from dry lips you know this is a big deal.

If you’re a MAC virgin yourself I would definitely recommend visiting a store, I think everyone can find at least one product they get on with. Overall, I’m enjoying my MAC products and looking forward to future MAC purchases – I’m already eying a few more lipsticks and (not so) patiently waiting for the Marge Simpson-inspired collection.

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