The "No Fuss" Mascara

I think mascara is one of the hardest beauty products to buy. Every mascara claims to do never before seen things to your lashes and every beauty lover has their personal favorite formula that they can’t live without. In a sea of endless mascara wands and formulations, sometimes I just want mascara that’s easy to apply with no gimmicks.

I have two travel size versions of the Clinique High Impact Mascara in Black (from various gift sets) and over the past few months I have really enjoyed using them. That being said, if you like the big and bold false eyelash look this may not be the mascara for you.

The best way to describe the Clinique mascara is that it enhances the look of your natural lashes. It doesn’t really look like you’re wearing mascara; it just looks like your natural lashes are slightly longer, thicker and more defined. Something I am quite picky about is the “clump factor.” I hate it when my lashes clump up, no matter how minimal it may be, and I constantly find myself spending far too much time trying to rectify clumping issues on my lashes. Remarkably, it really never happens with this mascara. With just a couple of swipes my lashes are more defined and nicely separated; a naturally flawless lash look.

Mascara wands tend to be highly debated in the beauty world; there are so many wands that all claim to be better than their predecessors. The wand for this mascara is nothing special; just a simple, straight wand with short bristles (a classic mascara wand that does the job).

This back to basics mascara might not catch your eye in stores; but it’s great for a natural eyelash look. No fuss, no mess, just great lashes.